What’s going wrong in Britain’s mosques?

Ed Husain’s Among the Mosques explores our diverse and divided Muslim communities.

Ferraris for All

Ferraris for All (Policy Press 2010 and paperback edition 2012) investigates the cultural aversion to prosperity that has become mainstream in western societies since the 1970s. Although relatively few say they are against economic growth outright many attack the idea of economic progress in indirect ways. These include claims that it damages the environment, the argument… Continue reading Ferraris for All

Will green jobs save us?

At the annual Battle of Ideas festival in London I debated whether “green jobs” can help Britain escape from its quagmire.

The origins of lockdown

Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism sheds light on today’s socially isolated world This article was first published in spiked on 2 July 2021. Can we understand the extensive range of draconian measures designed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic as being, in some way, totalitarian? By any historical standard, these measures were certainly hugely repressive. Although they varied from… Continue reading The origins of lockdown

The Palestinian tragedy

Hamas has turned a national liberation movement into never-ending jihad against Israel

The radicalism of fools

Why today’s leftists are so pre-disposed to anti-Semitism

Head to Head: Daniel Ben-Ami and Jonathon Porritt

Ten years on, the financial crisis is still being misunderstood.