What’s going wrong in Britain’s mosques?

Ed Husain’s Among the Mosques explores our diverse and divided Muslim communities.

Making sense of Hannah Arendt

A new biography illuminates this most complex of political thinkers.

Will green jobs save us?

At the annual Battle of Ideas festival in London I debated whether “green jobs” can help Britain escape from its quagmire.

The origins of lockdown

Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism sheds light on today’s socially isolated world This article was first published in spiked on 2 July 2021. Can we understand the extensive range of draconian measures designed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic as being, in some way, totalitarian? By any historical standard, these measures were certainly hugely repressive. Although they varied from… Continue reading The origins of lockdown

Beyond Confrontation: a true internationalism

Phil Mullan provides a vital critique of the globalism of Western elites, and the insular nationalism of their opponents

The ‘reset’ we really need

Forget a ‘green industrial revolution’ we need a massive boost to productivity

Germany: a model nation for anti-democrats

John Kampfner’s Why the Germans Do It Better extols the worst aspect of modern Germany.

We are pushing the world’s poorest to the brink

The lockdowns in the West will have a devastating impact on the inhabitants of the world’s poorest countries

Central bankers should stay out of the climate debate

Politicians have handed over too much power to unelected technocrats.

The strangling of European democracy

The EU is the high point of an anti-democratic project that has been brewing for a hundred years